Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Meet Jolie!

Hi friends! Sorry I have been away so long. I have been trying to get a ton of gardening done during my days off from work. I will share pictures of my garden soon. Today I would like to share with you another mannequinn I made not too long ago. I named her Jolie-because she is French and Jolie means "pretty" in French.
Meet Jolie!
Jolie is a one of a kind vintage style handmade paper mache mini dress form that I created from a child size dress form. Jolie is covered in brown paper and then decorated in French themes. On her front I added a sweet vintage style butterfly with the word "Paris" above it. Also on her front is an image of the Eiffel tower. Jolie is covered in various vintage papers of flowers and other cute decor. On her very top is a unique vintage bottle opener that I found at an antique store that I surrounded with vintage rhinestones. Jolie's colors are mostly browns with black. Jolie is not hollow and I insulated her with special materials to make her a sturdy table top display.

If any of my fabulous readers out there are looking for a custom dress form- I do make custom orders. Contact me for more information.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

100 Mile Garage Sales Part 2 - Some of the Loot

Click on any picture to enlarge - sorry about the flash...someday I will figure my camera out.
oodles of treasures

A cute vintage doll

A creepy cute doll-I couldn't help myself - had to have her!

More vintage religious statues

Neat boxes and a vintage leather coin purse

\A vintage compact- Luv the initials...Can I buy a few vowels? Ha

Found a whole bunch of old rosaries

Vintage buttons, a tie clip and other sparkly goodies

Leroy loved my 2 little deer I bought

And Leroy loved laying on my vintage aprons-pics of those in another post-notice the cute kitty in the background?

An awesome chippy shabby mint green mirror. LOVE THIS! Thats Lucky checking it out
So here are some of the treasures I found on our awesome trip. I have many more, but the big items are at mom's for storage and I don't have any pics of them yet. Most of these items will be altered or repurposed and eventually sold.  But some will stay just as they are such as the mirror and will be all mine to keep! I am linking up to Blue Creek Home blog for Treasure Hunt Thursday- check it out!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

100 Mile Garage Sales Part 1

Hi friends! Sorry it has been awhile since I have posted. I was having issues with blogger and I was out of town for Mother's day weekend. I went on a road trip with my mom and my brother's girlfriend Nycole to the 100 miles of garage sales in MN and WI along the Mississippi River valley. I did this once before about 8 years ago but this time was much better! What a blast we had. There are sale upon sale upon sale! It's like it never ends. We did manage to find several good sales with lots of unique items and vintage goodies. I will show you the treasures I found in another post. Some of the other places we visited were: Redwing, Frontenac, Lake City, Reads Landing and Wabasha on the MN side. On the WI side were Alma, Nelson, Pepin, Stockholm and Maiden Rock to name a few. There were many deals to be had-glad we brought the pickup truck! In this post I wanted to share some pictures of the small town Alma and the adventure we had there. We stayed the night in Alma at the historic Laue House Inn. What a cute little town. It really has changed since we were there last and has become more charming. Everyone we met was very nice and loved talking with all the garage salers.
Where we stayed the night - Laue House Inn

One of our rooms

The stairway at the Laue House

The other room

A view from upper Alma

A neat shrine on the hill top

Nycole and a really weird leaf rake

The Alma bakery - so yummy!!

Mom tried a root beer float cupcake - yummy

The outside view of the bakery

Me and Nycole

Yep! There was even a sale up these steps

After the sale up the stairs we got a tour of this fantastic old building

A chippy shabby door   way cool!

Another funky sale was up this steep driveway

Another view of the driveway. We found some good stuff at this one

Leaving Alma- a view from the back of the pick-up (its full!)