Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mother's Day Pendants

Here are a few necklaces I was able to create recently. Both were inspired by mother's day which is right around the corner. The first one, I named "the baby boomer." It is a bullet that I added a nice vintage green patina to with a bit of rust.  I then attached a tiny baby figurine that I added a rust patina to also. Can you believe the baby was once plastic? She looks like an old hunk of metal now! I added some reclaimed beads and buttons and the baby boomer emerged. I will be selling this necklace in an upcoming barn sale. The other necklace is a custom pendant for a police officer's mother. I am only showing one side of the soldered pendant, but there is a picture of him and his father on the front. It's hard to read in these pictures (again sorry about my camera flash), but the quote says "blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called children of god Matthew 5:9." I added 2 bullets, one to represent him and his father as they are both police officers and some other reclaimed beads. I enjoy making special custom pieces like this. I hope his mother adores it. Click on the images for a closer view.

The baby boomer

Look at that cute bottom! 

custom order

Love the re-purposed bullets

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Birdie Frames

I found three cute brass frames at a garage sale the other day for only 25 cents. They were missing the glass and did not have any backs on them, but I knew I could make use of them. They are my favorite type of little frames that are made in Italy and usually have a nice patina to them. First, I had to wash them up a bit. I used an old toothbrush and dish soap to scrub the dust off them. Then I traced around the back with cardboard to fit a back onto them. I found 3 ATC size graphic images I liked and cut those out. I then glued them to ATC's. I then cut out 3 sheets of mica in thin layers to place over each image. Finally, I put them all together. Here are the results:

A real bargain

The cardboard backing


Mica over the images (sorry about the flash)

The final result

Now....where should I put them....
I know its a little hard to see in the pictures because of my camera flash, but they did turn out quite cute! Click on any the images to enlarge.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

7000 Bracelets for Hope Blog Hop

Hi everyone. I participated in the 7000 Bracelets for Hop Blog Hop hosted by Lori Anderson at Pretty Things. The rules of the hop -- make a bracelet in an adult size in blue.  The bracelets will be sent to The Global Genes Project, an advocacy group for children's rare disease awareness.  The Global Genes Project then sends the bracelets to one of 7000 families having children with rare diseases to show them love and support. My bracelet was inspirred by one of my tattoos that is in memory of my dad. Here is what I came up with. Be sure to check out everyone elses creations over at Lori's blog: http://www.lorianderson.blogspot.com/

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hunt and Gather

I recently took a drive into the Minneapolis area to check out Hunt & Gather, which is a unique antique store. The theme of the store is "find your prize." Do you think you could find something here?

an interesting cloche

mini bottles galore

loved this Mary statue

see the creepy doll parts in the aquarium?

this room was filled with stuff to pick thru

more buttons than you could count

The last picture is a pair of adorable panels that I am kicking myself for not buying. I called the next day and they were sold! Just goes to show you if you see something you like you better get it because you may not get a second chance.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Meet Nanette!

Meet Nanette!
Nanette is a one of a kind vintage style paper mache dress form I handmade from a Victorian wasp waist dress form. Nanette is covered in hand cut vintage sheet music era 1920-1930's. Across her bust, there is an image of a woman from a vintage musical with the words "No No Nanette." Nanette is also decorated with several paper butterflies that I hand punched. Nanette's primary colors are white, black, blue, orange and brown paper bag on her very bottom. Around her waist, I tied a vintage orange colored seam binding that I hand stamped with a musical note pattern (this is removeable). Nanette is not hollow inside and she has been insulated with special materials which make her sturdier, however she is still pretty lightweight. The very bottom of Nanette is covered in brown paper bag. Nanette has been sealed for her protection with a matte sealer and has a slight sheen to her. Nanette is listed as "new" meaning she is a new creation, but made from vintage and recycled materials.
Just like a real woman, Nanette is not perfect and you should expect some individual character to her. She does however make the perfect table top display!
Nanette's approximate measurements are as follows:
Height: 27"
Neck:  13"
Shoulders: 35"
Waist: 24.5"
Bust: 36"

Bottom of front

What a great rear end Nanette!

side view

Nanette modeling a few of my creations

If you are interested in purchasing Nanette, she is currently participating in an online ebay auction and you may bid on her here:
Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Treasure Hunt Thursday - Vintage Wallet

While out running errands today - OK really I was just going to run a few non-treasure hunting errands...
I stopped in one of my favorite stores. I'm sure glad I did because I stumbled upon this sweet little vintage Daniel de Paris wallet for $2.00! It is in pretty good condition and is just my colors, ivory pink and gold. It is decorated with beads and a pink flower embroidery on the front. Inside (where you stash your dough) there are cute pictures of all things French such as the Eiffel Tower and Fleur de Lis.  Adorable!

I am linking up with Blue Creek Home Blog for her first Treasure Hunt Thursday.  Check out all the neat finds here: http://www.bluecreekhome.com/2011/04/treasure-hunt-thursday-giveaway_06.html

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saved From the Incinerator

Lately I have been thinking (ok maybe obsessing) about dress forms. It seems it is always so hard to find a decent one with that vintage character that I love. Countless times I have been shopping at antique stores and the dress forms say "display only." So today I was having lunch with my good friend and co-worker and I was showing him a project I started using a dress form I currently own. About a half hour after lunch he calls me and says, "You are never gonna believe this. There's a dress form next to someone's trash that looks like they are throwing it out." I thought he was playing a late April Fools joke on me! Since we were both working, he called his wife M and she was able to talk with the homeowners. Sure enough, they told M it was indeed headed to the incinerator since they no longer had a use for it. When M told them she knew just the person (ME!) who would love to have it, they were ecstatic. The dress form is now mine! She is full size wasp waist style and has a nice stand that she is attached to. She is gorgeous and perfectly vintage (Oh and by the way she does not stink and wasnt even dusty). I cannot believe my luck. We decided to call her "April." Here she is!