Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I Heart Skeleton Keys

One of my favorite things to find while treasure hunting has always been old skeleton keys. I love how each key carries its own history and at one time had a very important task of unlocking cabinets or door locks or maybe even a vault! Most of the keys were made of brass and its always fun to sort through stacks to find the one with the most patina or special shape. I never seem to tire of incorporating them into some of my designs. Just thought I would share some pictures of necklaces I have made using skeleton keys.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bead Soup - The Beads!!!!

This is my first time participating in the Bead Soup exchange hosted by Lori Anderson. I was paired with the wonderful Heather from CSW Designs. My beads from Heather have arrived. It's always exciting getting something in the mail and I couldn't wait to see what she sent me!! I am very pleased to share with you what she sent me. Heather created several of these pretty pieces herself.  I received several neat enameled pieces, recycled sari ribbon, Czech glass beads all in a color pallet of red and grey. I can't wait to come up with something using these elements. Stay tuned for the reveal next month!

The Goods

Pretty enameled focal

More enameled pieces

Polka Dots Rule!

Handmade Copper Clasp

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Poker Chip Necklace

Just thought I would share some new necklaces that I made. I created these from antique poker chips that I found while out treasure hunting one day. They are green, orange and an off white in $100, $25 and $5 increments. On the back they have the initials "WHP." Are you familiar with the story behind initialed poker chips? During the prohibition years 1920-1933 illegal clubs sprang up like weeds throughout America and were a major source of income for chip manufacturers of that time. Each company used one or more unique mold designs that were marketed for club use. The club owners would special order their chips often with their initials or the initials of the club. You can find these beauties for sale at Riverwalk.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Wellness Words Challenge - Hope

Well I apologize for being late to the party, life priorities and all came up, ya know how that is. Thank you Tracy for hosting this blog hop. The idea behind this blog hop was to pick a word that is meaningful to you and design a piece of jewelry around it to remind you. For the exact details you may click HERE

I do not often share personal things on this blog simply because I like to keep some things private, including my emotions. After a year of major life changes and powerful self growth I am slowly learning to express myself better and that it is OK to be vulnerable sometimes.  I was in a very sad place a little over a year ago. I lost several things that I loved because I had to opt out of a relationship where I was no longer being treated right and it was no longer healthy for me. And when I am truly honest with myself I wasn't happy. I chose to leave my dear kitty Lotus behind, simply because for her it would be easier and less stress as she did not get along with her brothers. I faced several challenges and had to learn to grow from them. It was not easy. No matter how bad things got though, I never gave up hope that one day things would be better. I would have never survived from this if I had given up hope. 

During this time, I came upon the book, "The Daughter of Smoke and Bone" by Laini Taylor. First, off you should probably know I really only read young adult fantasy. My job is extremely stressful at times and books are my way of escaping and relaxing, so I rarely choose non-fiction books. I fell in LOVE with this book!!! It was incredibly well written and unlike any of the other young adult fantasy I had read. There are angels, chimera, teeth and a very important wishbone, all centered around the mystical city Prague. I felt so connected to the characters, especially the main character Karou (which translates to hope in her language). In the book there is a wishbone. From Laini Taylor's blog, she states the wishbone  "is a symbol of hope, and a message that hope is more potent than wishing, that it is the real magic. Indeed: hope and the ones who act on it are the only magic powerful enough to change the world." 

Yes!!! This book was exactly what I needed. If you have not yet read this book I highly recommend it. It will be a trilogy, and a movie I hear now too! The second book,"Days of Blood and Starlight" (LOVED!!) was also just recently released.

In the meantime, my brother went on a trip to New York City last fall and came back with of all things, a wishbone trinket that he found in one of the flea markets!!  I had not told my brother about the book so I couldn't believe he had found me my very own wishbone!! The wishbone has been sitting in the vault within eyesight for the past year waiting patiently while I contemplated how I would incorporate it into something creative. Fast forward to 2013, I just finished the second book and read about Tracy's wellness words challenge. So here it is. My wishbone necklace. My necklace of hope.

This pic looks just like my sweet pea Lotus

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