Wednesday, July 9, 2014

New York City Trip

recently returned from an awesome trip to New York City for my brother's wedding in Central Park. Prior to my trip, I had happened to find a wholesale jewelry sales located in Manhattan not far from where we were staying. After seeing a few pics online and emailing one of their associates I knew I had to check this place out. It was a jewelry pickers paradise!! My best friend Shantell joined me and we hunted for treasure for several hours. Even for me, a seasoned hunter, I was overwhelmed with the 5,000 square foot place. There was so much to look through. At one point Shantell was almost buried alive when a stack of boxes fell on top of her! We laughed and continued on. I did manage to get quite a large haul though, which I will show some pics of in a later post. The place I went to was called CJS Sales and it is wholesale only, so you will need your business credentials if you go. A few tips, they sell by the pound, wear good shoes in case you step on something sharp and gloves would of come in handy. Overall, I had a fantastic vacation and the wedding in Central Park was lovely. 

boxes full of surprises!

the biggest pile of vintage chain I've ever seen

boxes of chain

me with the pile!

Shantell digging for goods!

I really wanted that giant ball chain but it was too heavy

Shantell finding treasure


so much fun!

Jordan and Nycole-congratulations!