Sunday, May 10, 2015

100 mile garage sales 2015 Part 1

Adventure time! Last week was the annual 100 mile garage sale trip. It was mom and me, a fanny pack (ha ha), selfie stick and the pick up truck. The weather decided to cooperate and we had a gorgeous spring day. The second day about halfway through we got rained on. Better than the snow we had the last few times! Yes snow in May. No fun. I love this trip because it's mom and me and the open road. The people are always friendly and you never know what treasure you will find! We stayed at Hotel De Ville in Alma, WI as we have in the past. It was fabulous as always. These are the adventure pics the hotel, and the stuff we didn't buy. Stay tuned for the treasure pics!

Just leaving! fanny pack and selfie stick!
The weather was wonderful
saw lots of old neat houses
mom bargaining
selfie stick with a view!
Lots and lots of sales!
creepy shell art - my favorite!
More shell art
OK there was lots of shell art!
look at all that stuff behind me!
box of wheels
saw lots of old clubs
see the kitties?
stairs to a sale 
got frames?
Mary shrine -the light was perfect
Our hotel garden
hotel garden
hotel garden
The door to my hotel room
Living room of our hotel room
My hotel room
Best pic of the trip! Like father like son!