Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend treasures

This weekend my mom found a couple of cool listings on CL for an antique radio cabinet and dental cabinet. They both looked adorable and the price was very reasonable. It was a heck of a drive to get all the way out there but well worth it. Not only were the 2 cabinets cute but it turns out the woman had a whole garage stash FULL of stuff she was willing to sell and she let us pick through. After some fun picking, wheeling and dealing I was covered in dust. Here is all the treasures I came home with! (Seriously I felt like this was right out of an episode of American Pickers!)
The radio cabinet

Inside of the radio cabinet

The dental cabinet

an ornate carved bench

I love love love this antique mirror

Conservo canner steamer from the 1920's...wonder if it works still

Misc silver and pewter with a cute vintage tray

Misc kitchen items from an old farm estate

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bead Swap Blog Hop

Today I am revealing the beads and goodies I received from participating in a bead swap over at My So Called Junky Life.  I partnered up with Jody from Home and Heart. She sent me a whole variety of sparkling beads and fun cameos all packaged up in a cute box. Thanks Jody for the fun swap!

You can see what I sent Jody here and you can see who else participated by clicking here

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Vintage French Map

I want to share an adorable vintage French map I found at a garage sale this weekend. The map is a tourist map of central southwest Paris called Val De Loire which basically translates to "Valley of the River Loire." This region is well known for its castles, vineyards and historical interests. I scooped up the map for 10 cents!!! The elderly woman I bought it from said it was her map from grade school when she studied France. Anyways, I thought the images on the cover were too adorable to pass up, and the colors are quite vivid pinks, blues and greens. What a sweet find.

The outside - cute!

Some of the inside

The bunny is so adorable!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Interesting doors- what to do??

This story actually begins about 2 years ago. I was driving along when I saw a sign that said "Free Barn Doors" with these 2 interesting doors next to the sign. When I got out to look at them I found them quite charming. First, I LOVE arched doors. And the height on these was amazing! Of course I couldn't pass them up. Not only were they super interesting, but they were free! Now at the time, I had no idea what I was gonna do with them, but I just knew I had to have them. So they sat in garage storage for the past few years at my mom's house. Today I finally brought them home and decided the time has come to do something with these. So my blog buddies, I need your help. I am looking for ideas of what I should do with these awesome doors. They are quite dirty and dusty and somehow I must clean them up. They do not have any water damage or any warps or mold or mildew (even though it may look like it in some of the pics-the bottoms of them are just dirtier than the rest of them). They are actually in quite good condition apart from the dirt and dust. The hardware is quite rusty which I happen to like. They are also quite tall. I am pretty sure they were indoor doors and not meant for outside. I don't know if they were once in a barn or not, as I have never seen any doors quite like these before. Any ideas on what I should do with them? Paint them? Stain them? Clean them and leave them? If you had found them what would you do with them (assuming you would have even stopped to look!)? Comments welcome!

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