Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saved From the Incinerator

Lately I have been thinking (ok maybe obsessing) about dress forms. It seems it is always so hard to find a decent one with that vintage character that I love. Countless times I have been shopping at antique stores and the dress forms say "display only." So today I was having lunch with my good friend and co-worker and I was showing him a project I started using a dress form I currently own. About a half hour after lunch he calls me and says, "You are never gonna believe this. There's a dress form next to someone's trash that looks like they are throwing it out." I thought he was playing a late April Fools joke on me! Since we were both working, he called his wife M and she was able to talk with the homeowners. Sure enough, they told M it was indeed headed to the incinerator since they no longer had a use for it. When M told them she knew just the person (ME!) who would love to have it, they were ecstatic. The dress form is now mine! She is full size wasp waist style and has a nice stand that she is attached to. She is gorgeous and perfectly vintage (Oh and by the way she does not stink and wasnt even dusty). I cannot believe my luck. We decided to call her "April." Here she is!


  1. I am too jealous...I too have been looking for one, but they are so pricey at shops and antique malls...You get the "lucky ducky" award today my blog friend! Tiff

  2. Breana, I'm glad you stopped by my blog as it gave me a chance to see and now follow your blog as well. I look forward to learning more about you and your work.

    Enjoy the weekend.

  3. Very Cool! Lots of Fun! Daughter, Liz, has 2 of them...she's always changing them around...Pasted newspaper, all over one of them... painted the other, gloss black! Hangs her funky hats...and jewelry all over them...She is...a Wild Child!
    Thanks for following my blog...seems we have lots in common!
    Love, to Ya!
    Barb C,

  4. Love the jewelry and the dress form...thanks for joining by blog, I am following your now, too! Lezlee

  5. You are SOOOO lucky! I have been searching for an old one -- I only have a new one. And she has no character at ALL.

  6. You can't beat the look of a beautiful vintage dress form! Yours is awesome!! Love your blog btw!!
    XO Traci

  7. WOW--this is the neatest thing--I am SO excited for you!!!

  8. Wow, I'm having definite mannequin envy....lucky, lucky you!!


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