Sunday, June 5, 2011

Vintage French Map

I want to share an adorable vintage French map I found at a garage sale this weekend. The map is a tourist map of central southwest Paris called Val De Loire which basically translates to "Valley of the River Loire." This region is well known for its castles, vineyards and historical interests. I scooped up the map for 10 cents!!! The elderly woman I bought it from said it was her map from grade school when she studied France. Anyways, I thought the images on the cover were too adorable to pass up, and the colors are quite vivid pinks, blues and greens. What a sweet find.

The outside - cute!

Some of the inside

The bunny is so adorable!


  1. Lucky you, what a lovely piece! Valerie

  2. Don't you just love garage sales? This map is beautiful. I love the artwork.


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