Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend treasures

This weekend my mom found a couple of cool listings on CL for an antique radio cabinet and dental cabinet. They both looked adorable and the price was very reasonable. It was a heck of a drive to get all the way out there but well worth it. Not only were the 2 cabinets cute but it turns out the woman had a whole garage stash FULL of stuff she was willing to sell and she let us pick through. After some fun picking, wheeling and dealing I was covered in dust. Here is all the treasures I came home with! (Seriously I felt like this was right out of an episode of American Pickers!)
The radio cabinet

Inside of the radio cabinet

The dental cabinet

an ornate carved bench

I love love love this antique mirror

Conservo canner steamer from the 1920's...wonder if it works still

Misc silver and pewter with a cute vintage tray

Misc kitchen items from an old farm estate

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  1. Wow, what finds! I am sure I have just truned green from envy! Enjoy your new treasures! Valerie


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