Monday, September 19, 2011

Junk Bonanza 2011

What fun! My friend Angie and I took a trip to the 2011 Junk Bonanza and had a total blast! I saw so many interesting things and so badly wanted to take many of them home with me. I'm proud to say I had a limit of only what I could fit in my bag car.  You would be surprised at what I can fit in my Honda Civic! So for now here are some of the pics of what I saw. I will show you my treasures soon.
The Junk Divas ready to go!

I really wanted that little clock!

So cute!

This little cutie can be found at Seasons in Carver

I always love a good cubby

Theres me in the reflection shopping!

This wonderful bird cage was purchased by a fellow blogger The Porch & Atelier

Here I am with my most fabulous find Mary and meeting Ki Nassauer
Stay tuned for more on what I brought home to the Vault!


  1. Great photos! It was a wonderful sale!

  2. Wow, what great stuff, thanks for sharing! Valerie

  3. SWEET!! Yes the clock, the Mary! and I would have wanted that tiny chandalier light :-}

    Would love you to pop over and say hi!

  4. j.e.a.l.o.u.s.
    What an awesome outing!


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