Friday, November 18, 2011

Dining Room Snapshots

Hi my blogging friends! I apologize I have been absent lately. A lot has happened in my life in the past 3 months. I have been adjusting to several big changes. I am living in a new location and have been keeping busy feathering my nest. I wanted to share some pics of my new dining room. Here is what I have so far. Enjoy!


  1. Your new dining room looks lovely!

  2. Looking good! Love the dark old table and the pink patina old trunk. They both have such interesting coloring, sure to delight for YEARS to come, and have you add more marks of time to them with your life.

    HUGS Lorraine

  3. Just found your blog-- Happy New Year. Please come visit me and join my followers I will do the same.. yvonne

  4. I think that table is great I like the size. You can make a floor lentth tablecloth very easy. Just criss cross fabric. Love the chairs they soften
    the room. My friend would die for that cupboard.
    You are doing great. Yvonne

  5. Beautiful! Is it okay to be in love with the table? How about the trunk - oh the color!!!! If it's not okay to be in love with these pieces, look away while I stare....okay? Humor me ;)

    "Her" and Romeo


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