Friday, July 13, 2012

Welcome to "The Vault"

Hi friends! As part of Where Women Create I am giving a Vault tour. First off a big THANK YOU to Karen over at My Desert Cottage for hosting this fabulous blog party. Welcome to "The Vault" my creative space that is just brimming with treasure that I use to make into jewelry. My Vault is filled with oddities, sparkles, vintage religious and anything that inspires me. OK, ready to get started??!! I am including a lot of pictures. Please click on any image to enlarge. Enjoy!

The wall of mirrors

Remember April? Saved her last year from the trash

Vintage dresser filled with goodies

A view from the top

There's my work table!

A closer view

Projects-as if my work area is ever this clean!

The wall of chain

Grace happy to model for you

Look at all that fun stuff!

Vintage jewelry

More vintage sparklies

Jars of goodies galore!

Lots of sparklies

Bullets with patina


A closer view

Some of my handmade creations

Vintage brooches

Mary so content

I like to call this "Saints Row"

Muffin Tins for storage

I just LOVE my little vintage deer!


Whew! Time for me to relax
 Thanks for stopping by "The Vault." Please be sure to visit all of the other creative spaces by clicking HERE


  1. Thanks for sharing your space!! :)

  2. Thanks for the tour!

    I LOVE your space!
    I bet you never want to leave such an inspirational place.


  3. Lovely colors...just lovely!!! I love all the little things you have collected!! thanks for sure to vist my blog. hugs

  4. Wauw...your space is wonderful!
    I love the's like a green dream..
    And what a lovely materials..

    Thanks fro sharing with us..

    Please take a look into my world...

    Love from Marijke

  5. Love all your jewelry and vintage brooches!! :) Visiting from Where Bloggers Create! hugs, Holly

  6. Ahhh...the bliss of creativity is alive and well with you here in your studio.

    thanks so much for sharing.
    stop by to visit with me too if you can.

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  7. Love your bright colorful space! AND you collection of mirrors! Such eye candy you time to clean up the drool off my keyboard!

  8. Love all the vintage goodies and the awesome mirrors! I also covet that crown; I need to find one for my studio one day.... thanks for sharing your space with us!

  9. Look at all those treasures! OMGosh, I love! Your wall color looks similar to mine. Hope you get a chance to stop by!

  10. LOVE your daring use of green and purple with black. Such an individual style that works so well!

  11. *slurp!* (Drooling over your vintage bling). Love the color of your walls! What a fun place to create! Thanks for sharing. ; )

  12. Loved the tour, thanks so much! I love having a space to put my feet up, and I can tell that you do, too!

    Soggy Bottoms Baby Duds blog

  13. Oh, I love the color of the walls and purple and black chest. SO cool! And wall of mirrors, those are sooooo cool, too! I think I could easily spend my days exploring everything in here. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful vault with Us. I love it!

  14. Great space, Breana! I love your wall of mirrors! Those frames are gorgeous. Great dresser ~ my favorite color. I love how you've got everything displayed and such a wide variety of things, too. I'm coming across so many creative spaces, like yours, where I feel I could lose all track of time in if I were creating in them. Thanks for sharing your tour!

  15. Boy this was the most fun I have had being in a vault- they are usually hot and stuffy!! Such a pretty place and I love all your creations!! Would love to learn jewelry making one of these days!

  16. what is the large wooden cabinet in the window? It's such an interesting shape!

  17. SOOO many goodies to play with! I love the colors and all the mirrors hanging on the wall!

  18. Wow what a magical place to create in. I see you love to make jewelry. I bet some lovely creations come out of your special place. Thanks so much for visiting me. I enjoyed looking around here.


  19. Color...Color...Color...Love all the Color. From the little jars to Saints is such a fun creative space. Thank you for sharing. Best Wishes, Bobbie

  20. Hi Breana,
    What an amazing creative space. You have so many wonderful treasures to inspire and choose from to design. I can imagine you here creating many happy hours. I love jewelry and dabble with creations a bit. What a wonderful place to visit. Thank you for the tour and thank you for visiting me and your kind comment.
    Happy Creating,
    Celestina Marie

  21. I adore your stash of treasures and the hall of mirrors and the way you display things. I could spend a whole day in there just touching every little thing - LOL! Thank you for sharing.

  22. What a fun, amazing work space. I love the frames on your wall of mirrors. I have a tiny vintage Deer also! Thanks for the tour of your Vault and sharing all your delicious goodies.

    ❤ ஆєℓєηα
    ɱεɱσŗγ ɓσх ƈŗεąŧïσŋş

  23. Well I should agree you deserve to rest your feet a while. Your space is like opening a richly lined jewelry box. Just full or shiny vintage charm. Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing Keep smiling and creating

  24. Very Cool Treasures in your creative space indeed!!! Thanks for sharing Brenna!

  25. What a gem of a studio to create your jewelry line in, fab! Thank you for sharing.

  26. Great place to be creative. Love the pink and green colors.

  27. Now that's a vault! Your jewelry is beautiful and the studio is inspiring!

  28. Oh I can't imagine you would not be able to get anything but quantities done in this most wonderful studio. Thanks for the tour. I am a new follower here.

  29. Hi Breana!! I love your vault!!!!! I especially love the wall of mirrors! They are fantastic!!!!!!! Thank you so much for joining the party this year! I really enjoyed my visit!!


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