Monday, September 16, 2013

Bottle Hunt

My first memory of treasure hunting was of antique bottles. When I was a kid I used to play in the alley with my brothers. I remember one of our neighbors was doing some excavating to the hill on his property that backed up against the alley. One day while playing I noticed something sticking out of the freshly moved dirt. Of course I had to inspect it closer, and when I did, I discovered an antique bottle. I was fascinated by the bottle and began digging there almost daily looking for more treasure. This didn't last long as the homeowner did not appreciate this and chased me away several times. Ha ha. Recently a good friend told me about all the bottles on his property that used to be a mink farm. We decided to go bottle hunting and I found several adorable little bottles. They needed a good cleaning. In fact, one of them was an ant home. I don't think the ants appreciated me uprooting them. In honor of my favorite holiday Halloween, I decided to turn them into mini poison bottles using images I turned into self adhesive labels from the The Graphics Fairy. They still need a little tweaking. I'm going to add different twine and ribbon to each and find some more little corks for stoppers. Pretty cute huh?
Here's a few we found

All cleaned up

I'm digging this old cigar box with the bottles

Top view

The min labels

Ha ha Lucky snuck in

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  1. Antique Apothecary is a Passion of mine too... and sometimes you can snag new Old Stock Pharmacy Labels on E-Bay to put on those that have missing Antique labels. Here in the Desert Bottle Hunting is even more fun since the fierce Sun turns the Glass opaque colors over the years as they sit and bake in it until discovered and rescued. Thanks for stopping by for a Blog Visit, yes, Blogger can sometimes be temperamental... right now half my sidebar is appearing and disappearing like Magic! *LOL* I'm looking forward to decorating for Halloween, I scored half a Mad Scientist Laboratorie at an Antique Mall this year... my Heart fluttered like a Humingbird when I spied it all! Going to a Halloween Event Wednesday Night, a Preview Party for my Friend's Shop 'Sweet Salvage', can't wait to soak in all the Inspiration.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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