Friday, February 14, 2014

Meet Valentino

This winter is way too long. I'm having junk withdrawals. I was beginning to think there was no more good treasure to be found until suddenly last week I found a FREE curbside treasure!! Oh how I have missed seeing free stuff outside, even if it's crap I still like to look! Plus it reminds me of warmer weather. Imagine my delight when I saw a male tabletop dress form at the end of someone's driveway piled up with the ton of snow we have had. Once again, I couldn't believe the things people throw out!! The homeowner happened to be there in the driveway so I asked and she said, "Yes please take it!" Sweeeeeeet!!! So I loaded him up, brought him home and decked him out with a sparkly bow tie and named him Valentino in honor of Valentine's Day. I'm pretty sure Grace thinks it's true love.

Look at that chippyness!

Love his arms (or holes where they are supposed to be!)
True love!


  1. Are they spooning or swooning..chuckle
    Adorable couple in swanky digs

  2. Who would ever think you could find that. I have always wanted a mannequin
    or dress form on a stand. I think of them as useful decore. Congratulations.

  3. I would have stopped for that too. Good Gracious it is 3 below this morning.
    They tell us next week we will be in the 30's. My dream was to have a dress form
    they are fun and useful.


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