Thursday, November 12, 2015

Mixing Leather and Metal

I'm sharing a new creation this week! I'm loving this combo of mixed metals with patina and textiles. I have combined antique skeleton keys with leather scraps and my bullet casings with sparkle.
I have made these necklaces almost completely out of recycled materials. They have an industrial bling feeling don't you agree?

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Stamping Like Crazy

Been on a stampede lately hahah. Seriously though, I've been hitting the metal hard lately. Here some of my new designs. These are all large brass 1.5" discs, hand stamped, textured and antiqued. They are meant to be rustic with character to each one. I've attached various charms, mostly vintage, to each one. I'm loving the way they turned out!

LOVE the vintage car token
crazy cat lady!
guns and skulls
This is so me
Wild at heart with quartz and hematite
Wild and Free vintage horse milagro
Alice in Wonderland

I'm keeping this one!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Key Necklaces

Here are a few more necklaces I made from vintage keys. One is actually a lamp key. I combined various vintage gold colored chain and amber glass beads for this long styled beauty. The other is made up of an antique silver colored skeleton en scribed with the number 1. I used gorgeous vintage glass multifaceted rosary beads and various chain to create this it.

Thursday, September 24, 2015


Feeling lots of home state pride lately! And I keep seeing love for MN. At the State Fair I saw many people wearing cute MN t-shirts. So I decided to create some adorable little state necklaces with MN sayings on them. Were they a hit? You betcha! These were such a hit, that I decided I would include a few WI ones too since I'm so close to the border.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Gold Rush Days 2015

After touring The Vault you are probably wondering where on earth would I put more treasure? Haha! This year I went to Gold Rush Days in mid August, but only for about a half a day. The weather was incredibly hot....almost 100 degrees. It was almost unbearable....almost... Here's what treasure I ended up finding.
stash of vintage metal buttons
vintage metal police buttons
cute Hirsch deer button
antique brass tags from Canada
vintage dog tags
misc treasures
a new purse from Crowned Crow

Friday, July 10, 2015

2015 Tour of The Vault

Hello friends and fans and welcome to the Vault 2015 tour! First off a big THANKS to Karen over at My Desert Cottage for hosting this blog hop every year. This year The Vault has expanded and I think I have finally found the best working area for all my treasures! If you follow my blog you will see I recently posted about a new work bench I made. So, one side of The Vault is where the bench is located. I do all the metal work, soldering, etc on that side now. The other side still has my little work table which is more for bead work and gawking at all the treasure -ha! Enjoy the tour!

I made this chalkboard awhile back. It's at the entrance to The Vault

My new work bench I handmade. It's already stocked with supplies. 
This is an up close look at my work bench. I keep my Dremel and other tools on it. 

The pegboard wall! In previous Vault tours this was used to hold chain for repurposing. Now it holds all my tools. 

Here's a stash of different kinds of wire for wrapping and soldering. I like to use vintage muffin tins for storage. 

This shelf holds several vintage jewelry boxes filled with -jewels of course!

Up close view. 

One of the vintage jewelry boxes with gemstones and crystals. 

Here's the 2015 wall of chain. It's pegboard that I covered in vintage wallpaper. Most of this chain is used for parts and re-purposing. 

Here's a closer look at the chain 

Oodles of chain!

This is the view from one side of The Vault. 

I got this shelf from a friend. Turns out it worked perfectly in The Vault! Thanks Gena!

There's Mr. Louie taking a nap on the little couch sitting area. He loves sleeping there. 

Cubbies and a vintage dresser 

Beads beads beads!

You will find all kinds of creatures in The Vault

Even ones you thought were extinct 

Jars of metal buttons. I heart metal 

Jars of beads. I got a lot of these vintage beads last year in NYC

Remember the giant bird cage? Got that on the 100 mile garage sales one year. Used to use it as a jewelry display in a store. Now its holding a large vintage owl

Saints row has clearly expanded thanks to my mother always buying me Mary statues -I think she secretly wishes she had a collection ha! 

Shrine to one of my grandmas. She made that box for me when I was a baby 

Shrine to my other grandma. That's her in the pic at one of the grottos  

Remember this display I made for one of the shops I used to sell at? It's now holding my vintage rosary collection 

Old printer tray filled with charms, metals, keys and more 

Some of the vintage and antique keys 

I could probably go on and on with pictures so I won't keep you guys from all the other fun blogs you have to visit! Thanks for visiting!