Friday, July 10, 2015

2015 Tour of The Vault

Hello friends and fans and welcome to the Vault 2015 tour! First off a big THANKS to Karen over at My Desert Cottage for hosting this blog hop every year. This year The Vault has expanded and I think I have finally found the best working area for all my treasures! If you follow my blog you will see I recently posted about a new work bench I made. So, one side of The Vault is where the bench is located. I do all the metal work, soldering, etc on that side now. The other side still has my little work table which is more for bead work and gawking at all the treasure -ha! Enjoy the tour!

I made this chalkboard awhile back. It's at the entrance to The Vault

My new work bench I handmade. It's already stocked with supplies. 
This is an up close look at my work bench. I keep my Dremel and other tools on it. 

The pegboard wall! In previous Vault tours this was used to hold chain for repurposing. Now it holds all my tools. 

Here's a stash of different kinds of wire for wrapping and soldering. I like to use vintage muffin tins for storage. 

This shelf holds several vintage jewelry boxes filled with -jewels of course!

Up close view. 

One of the vintage jewelry boxes with gemstones and crystals. 

Here's the 2015 wall of chain. It's pegboard that I covered in vintage wallpaper. Most of this chain is used for parts and re-purposing. 

Here's a closer look at the chain 

Oodles of chain!

This is the view from one side of The Vault. 

I got this shelf from a friend. Turns out it worked perfectly in The Vault! Thanks Gena!

There's Mr. Louie taking a nap on the little couch sitting area. He loves sleeping there. 

Cubbies and a vintage dresser 

Beads beads beads!

You will find all kinds of creatures in The Vault

Even ones you thought were extinct 

Jars of metal buttons. I heart metal 

Jars of beads. I got a lot of these vintage beads last year in NYC

Remember the giant bird cage? Got that on the 100 mile garage sales one year. Used to use it as a jewelry display in a store. Now its holding a large vintage owl

Saints row has clearly expanded thanks to my mother always buying me Mary statues -I think she secretly wishes she had a collection ha! 

Shrine to one of my grandmas. She made that box for me when I was a baby 

Shrine to my other grandma. That's her in the pic at one of the grottos  

Remember this display I made for one of the shops I used to sell at? It's now holding my vintage rosary collection 

Old printer tray filled with charms, metals, keys and more 

Some of the vintage and antique keys 

I could probably go on and on with pictures so I won't keep you guys from all the other fun blogs you have to visit! Thanks for visiting!


  1. First, I am enthralled with the name! I have never seen a Saints statue collection before, such a great idea and unusual (in a good way). The workbench is simply beautiful. What captivated me was the shelf full of vintage jewelry boxes. You have a truly unique ans awesome creative space. Enjoyed my visit. Diane #26

  2. Estate Twenty Two July 11, I am amazed as usual.. hard to capture the essence of the vault experience with mere photos. It's mind boggling to gaze around at the beautiful minutiae in every nook and crevice. And so completely organized! I am proud of your beautiful creative spirit, and your quirky sense of humor. #1 fan, love mom ( you know what they say, " can never be too rich or too thin or have too many Mary's!)

  3. Awesome space!! love all the containers filled with fun color and stuff!! I could play in there all day!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. So many wonderful things to look at and play with, Happy You! Cindy

  5. Love the comment from your Mom!

    I also use old jewelry boxes for storage; and I love that you have stuff from both your Grandma's! It makes for an enchanting space ~

  6. Wow!!!!! What a fabulous tour!! Firstly I want to say I love your name Vault 31! The chalkboard caught my eye as did many things. the metal buttons are to die for and all those metal embellishments had me. I have thoroughly enjoyed the tour and am now your newest follower on Etsy and Facebook. Thanks so much for the tour. Karen.x

  7. Old printer trays are great for storage.

  8. Thank you for sharing your colorful, treasure-filled space! I love your saints wall! I have a small, but growing, Guadalupe collection. The plastic dinosaur has my heart. :)

  9. Wow, your space is amazing and so very interesting! Thank you for sharing your creative space.

  10. I enjoyed the tour. Not sure I've been here before, but the green desk looked familiar as did all those chains. I was in total awe of the Vault, and loved the way you have it organized.

    Of course, I got caught up in a few organization tips, too. I keep my wire in see through containers, and I keep my solder in a different container. But, I was impressed that you keep your wire in muffin tins. Very clever.

    I was also in awe of your pegboard. I love pegboard, too, but mine is painted white, while yours is so much more colorful.

    Thanks so much for the tour today.

  11. What a fabulous space to work in. Very colorful and unique. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Love your cubbies and all those vintage jewelry boxes. Oh my!

  13. Oh my goodness, this is a jewelry makers dream studio! Awesome creative space, thanks for sharing.

  14. Oh my gosh what a perfectly delightful place to play in! I could create in there for days and never get board!!! People who don't create don't understand why we need so much stuff!! I get it!!! Thank you so much for joining the party and sharing your space! What fun!!!

  15. I loved visiting the vault! So many treasures! I love all of your cool display ideas and I would love to get my mitts on your metal button jar!LOL!♥

  16. What a great space, Breana! I love those cubbies. What a treat it must be to go through all those vintage jewelry boxes, finding your next piece of treasure to use in a piece of jewelry. Love the size of your space, too. Kudos to you for building your own work table - love it!

    Sorry it's taking me so long to get around!

  17. Oh my goodness.. I love your vault..!! Those chains.. wow what a wonderful collection..
    and I love how you have all your tools hung up so neatly.. wow impressive.. Thank you so much for this great tour!!

  18. Wow wee!! That sure is not a boring vault, a ton of things to see and explore, great and happy space.

  19. O MY!!! Loved visiting this amazing space filled with so mnay goodies!! A true feast for the eyes!! And second to none in the organizing department!! Your organizational skills have blown me away!! Thanks so much for sharing!!



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