Friday, July 10, 2015

New Work Bench

A short time ago, I decided to move things around in my basement. I felt I needed a large work bench for my studio and for metal work. Well one thing led to another and suddenly The Vault is now the whole basement ha. It's the perfect area as it's unfinished and really won't matter what kind of messes I make. So I set off to build a work bench having zero carpentry skills. I watched a lot of YouTube videos! I'm satisfied with the results and so far it's been useful. After it was constructed I didn't like the raw wood so I added a dark stain and stenciled some green diamonds around the sides for a bit of flair. Stay tuned for my next post which will be the 2015 Vault Tour!

The very beginning-clamping
Start of one side
I used a hand saw for some parts-seriously

Getting there...

Almost there

Decided I needed a lower shelf
Stained dark walnut

Added some rough diamonds for flair

side view
hey nice anvil! Its set for work

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